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TOFD Phased Array

Paolo Maselli TOFD - Time Of Flight Diffraction

TOFD - Time Of Flight Diffraction


Ultrasonic method that allows you to check the welding by recording the A SCAN signals in the form of an image, B SCAN, to be analyzed at a later time.

The main advantage of the TOFD control is to indicate the position of the defect in depth  with millimeter precision without distinction from the position by exploiting the diffracted echoes of the apexes of the defect.

TOFD is a method suitable for checking circumferential and longitudinal welds of large and thick thickness appliances.

Paolo Maselli Controlli Phased Array

Phased Array


They are Pulse Echo ultrasounds that have the additional possibility of modeling the ultrasonic path through the use of different elements assembled in a single probe. This feature allows multiple angles to be used simultaneously facilitating inspection when limited access to the component makes mechanical scanning difficult.

The ability to electronically focus the beam improves the likelihood of detecting and measuring critical defects.

The Phased Array technique can be used with excellent results on a wide range of composites, steels and alloys.

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